Finding your nearest Country Market or supplier for home made Christmas food

November 26th, 2013

The advertisments for Christmas depict cosy homely perfection where everyone seems able to produce an incredible feast, delightful presents and a happy home swathed in the warm glow of a roaring fire. The reality is far from this idyll since many people who yearn for a beautifully cooked home made meal find it almost impossible to prepare everything themselves  Country Markets and the Cooks of Country Markets could be the solution for people looking for  previously prepared home made food. Where else could the lover of high quality produce find home made mince meat, mince pies and Christmas pudding full of fruit and flavour ? Cakes made with freshly laid eggs and often with butter are a far cry from the mass produced offerings of the multiple retailer. Check out the  Country Markets and the Cooks of Country Marketss websites to find details of your nearest market or retailer selling  genuinely hand made home produced items

The never ending cycle of using seasonal produce offers little respite for the busy cook. Country Market cooks have barely finished preparing chutneys and jams from the autumnal glut when they have to set to and prepare for the Christmas rush. The New Year brings even more work for  the busy cook who knows that the arrival of Seville oranges heralds a rush to make as much marmalade as possible before surplus stocks of oranges are confined to the freezer for future marmalade making. The annual rituals  of marmalade making, Easter baking, jam making followed by  the preparation of chutney, jellies  and Christmas products are part of the pattern of the proud heritage enjoyed by the competent home cook    Country Market cooks  consider that their vast experience and passion for locally made home produced food makes them unique in a world of fast food and  sythentic tasting products . They delight in sharing  the fruits of their labours with a discerning public which  has supported the markets. many  part of our culture for nearly one hundred years is just one of the factors which motivates producers to keep cooking in an ever more competitive environment.. The knowledge that what they prepare in their kitchens has no added artificial preservatives is just one more  small reason for flying the flag for this enterprise.




Looking forward to Autumn and Christmas

September 7th, 2013


“Seasons of mists and mellow fruitfulness ” so wrote Keats about autumn and harvest. These words almost act as a prompt for the celebrations which occur in the following few months , as well as bringing to mind the hard work which goes into making the most of these gifts from Mother Earth.

Looking round at brambles full of succulent fruit, autumn raspberries and trees thankfully laden with apples, as well as marrows and beans producing copious amounts of fruit, the preserve makers of Country Markets AKA  the Cooks of Country Market, are frantic making use of the fruits of the harvest. Their preserves are available either directly from their markets or through  selected retailers who  can be located via this web site.

The first amjor celebration  of the coming season is Hallowene, now a much publicized event which means  literally,  the eve of All Saints on November 1st. Whilst All Saints Dayslips by almost unnoticed, families make much of the 31st October and want special goodies for their parties. Many Country Markets supply small cakes and bakes with the outrageous icing which seems to be a prerquisite for such occasions. Some may also be a supply of gourds and pumpkins ,depending on the success of their success in the garden, so do check out your local market or indirect sales retailer for the not to be missed goodies ( especially as Country Market cakes contain only natural food colouring and have no added preservatives)

Autumn is great for concentrating the mind on two major products Christmas Cakes and Christmas Puddings.

These items made with care in a home kitchen are a far cry from the mass produced often overwrapped goods found in the large supermarkets. Made with good quality ingredients, and often with a generous slug of alcoholic additions, these wonderful cakes and puddings come in all shapes and sizes. The Cooks of Country Markets sell products made either to order or off the shelf to suit every appetite, be it for a single person or a large family.  Where else can a customer ask for a cake or pudding which avoids certain ingredients such as nuts, gluten or mixed peel and know that the item has been made specially for them in a domestic kitchen which has been approved for this activity?

There is never a good time to settle for second best but Christmas is a time when only the best will do.

The variety of cakes and puddings is as wide as the repetoire of the many thousands of Country Market cooks No two cooks are the same so products are genuinely unique, hand made and prepared with care.

Good cooks  understand that the fruits of autumn need to mature  in the rich products so avidly sought out at Christmastide,  which is why our cooks start their preparations early.  Enjoy Hallowene and order early for Christmas

P.S Are you a good cook longing to share your skills with others ? Would you like to be part of  Country Markets and become a Cook of Country Markets? Check out this website  as well as for more information


Love British Food

September 6th, 2013

Make the most of visiting your nearest Country Market and celebrate Love British Food Fortnight September 21st to October 6th. This is an opportunity to taste genuinely home made British food .   Country Market cooks have a vast selection of innovative items  as well as the tradational cakes and bakes regularly available either at the local Country Market or through selected retailers. Althoughly justly proud of their baking, the Cooks of Country  Market also  have an abundance of locally grown just picked fruit and vegetables for sale. Many also use their own home grown vegetables and fruit to make jams and chutneys. There is no better way to celebrate the harvest and the best of British Food.

Celebrate Marmalade

February 15th, 2013

Marmalade makers know that an impatience wells inside them as soon as they see the arrival of the early batches of Seville oranges in their local greengrocers and farm shops. Making marmalade is for many cooks an annual rite of passage, and although supplies of oranges might be squirrelled away in the freezer for future preserve making, nothing quite matches the frisson which cooks feel when making the first batches made in January. March seems a good time to celebrate this special preserve which is so close to the heart of so many in the British Isles , so what better time to celebrate than National Marmalade Week (2 March – 9 March) ?
Marmalade week offers a chance to celebrate one of the staples of every Country Market. Home-made marmalade is in a class of its own and is appreciated by anyone who understands the difference in taste and texture which proper marmalade offers. Seville Orange marmalade whether thin, medium or thick cut is generally the most popular type of this revered preserve. Originally named after a quince, (Marmelo or membrillo) marmalade comes in many guises other than Seville Orange . The original quince version is slowly making a comeback and competes with grapefruit, lemon, lime, sweet orange and derivatives containing ginger, treacle and other delights such as whisky or rum.
Marmalade can be incorporated into cakes or bread and butter pudding to give these a lift and a definite zing. It works amazingly well in savouries such as Duck a l’orange , or pheasant in orange and port. It has many interesting uses although in truth it is hard to beat toast and marmalade. The golden ambrosia should not be reserved simply for breakfast, but can be enjoyed at any time of the day.
Anyone interested in finding real home-made marmalade should look no further than their local Country Market or selected local retailer supplying Country Market produce.
Celebrate marmalade, not just during marmalade week in March, but throughout the year. It is a quintessentially British product enjoyed throughout the world and a great reminder of home for many living abroad whether through choice or duty. Marmalade is the stuff of legends and no –one appreciates it more than the Cooks of Country Markets

Mothers’ Day

February 9th, 2013

Mothers’ Day falls on March 10th 2013. This is the day when all mothers including grandmothers step-mothers and  mothers-in-law   are honoured  Common Mother’s Day gifts include cakes, flowers and cards. Children often make their cards at school and proudly bring these  home as a token of their love. Country Markets are the ideal place to find that special cake, card  or hand made gift for Mothers’ Day celebrations. Do remember that Country Markets  is the place to find  a home-made Simnel Cake  . This  speciality made with toasted marzipan topping is unique to  Mothers ‘ Day and  Easter celebrations.  Avoid disappointment by ordering in advance . Country Market produce can be found across England and Wales in both markets and selected retail outlets Find your nearest retailer by checking this  website. You can locate  your nearest  direct sales Country Market by checking

Find  top quality, home made hand crafted goods, made without artificial preservatives or hidden nasties prepared by people who care.

Get cooking for Christmas and into Spring

October 3rd, 2012

Summer has flown in a blaze of sporting glory for Olympians, and Paralympians with a final flourish in for another sporting hero in the American Tennis Open. As autumn bites and reality of winter approaches, it is time to set our minds on Christmas produce, autumn chutneys and new ideas which might get customers into our markets and the shops selling our produce.
This blog is an opportunity to encourage market producers, and customers alike. It might also attract new producers. who are vital to the future well-being of our markets as they bring new ideas and help us to expand our ranges An influx of new shareholders can act as a breath of fresh air in any business and this is especially true in Country Markets, where we can forget that there is a wealth of talent and new ideas outside, as well as inside our markets. We keep hearing about the resurgence in baking as a result of the Great British Bake Off. How many markets have exploited this interest in home cooking? It is quite interesting that whilst Country Markets has been ploughing its’ furrow for ninety years or so, one TV programme draws the attention of the whole nation to home baked goods.
Apparently bakeries are opening up all over the country in response to demand for baked goods. This is our moment to sing, shout, dance and tell everyone about our wonderful produce. There is no point hiding our light under a bushel. How many businesses offer the customer service offered by Country Markets? The cakes , bakes and savoury items? The hampers? The craft? The ( often unusual) plants ? Home cooked meals which are a lifeline for our many elderly customers? How many university students realize they could get home cooked meals for less than the cost of a takeaway pizza or fish and chips? The chances to expand our business are endless. Share your tips and ideas with others. but keep your actual recipes under your hat, they are your secret weapon these are what make Country Markets different to everyone else.
Do share your comments and ideas and tell us what your market is selling This is our free ( to you ) advertising space why not use it? You never know who will pick up on this and ask to join your market, for either direct or indirect sales.
You may also find that you will inspire new customers to try your produce. Once they have read about you they may decide to follow the Twitter and Facebook pages too. So get writing and let everyone hear about your wonderful produce.

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