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Looking forward to Autumn and Christmas

Saturday, September 7th, 2013


“Seasons of mists and mellow fruitfulness ” so wrote Keats about autumn and harvest. These words almost act as a prompt for the celebrations which occur in the following few months , as well as bringing to mind the hard work which goes into making the most of these gifts from Mother Earth.

Looking round at brambles full of succulent fruit, autumn raspberries and trees thankfully laden with apples, as well as marrows and beans producing copious amounts of fruit, the preserve makers of Country Markets AKA  the Cooks of Country Market, are frantic making use of the fruits of the harvest. Their preserves are available either directly from their markets or through  selected retailers who  can be located via this web site.

The first amjor celebration  of the coming season is Hallowene, now a much publicized event which means  literally,  the eve of All Saints on November 1st. Whilst All Saints Dayslips by almost unnoticed, families make much of the 31st October and want special goodies for their parties. Many Country Markets supply small cakes and bakes with the outrageous icing which seems to be a prerquisite for such occasions. Some may also be a supply of gourds and pumpkins ,depending on the success of their success in the garden, so do check out your local market or indirect sales retailer for the not to be missed goodies ( especially as Country Market cakes contain only natural food colouring and have no added preservatives)

Autumn is great for concentrating the mind on two major products Christmas Cakes and Christmas Puddings.

These items made with care in a home kitchen are a far cry from the mass produced often overwrapped goods found in the large supermarkets. Made with good quality ingredients, and often with a generous slug of alcoholic additions, these wonderful cakes and puddings come in all shapes and sizes. The Cooks of Country Markets sell products made either to order or off the shelf to suit every appetite, be it for a single person or a large family.  Where else can a customer ask for a cake or pudding which avoids certain ingredients such as nuts, gluten or mixed peel and know that the item has been made specially for them in a domestic kitchen which has been approved for this activity?

There is never a good time to settle for second best but Christmas is a time when only the best will do.

The variety of cakes and puddings is as wide as the repetoire of the many thousands of Country Market cooks No two cooks are the same so products are genuinely unique, hand made and prepared with care.

Good cooks  understand that the fruits of autumn need to mature  in the rich products so avidly sought out at Christmastide,  which is why our cooks start their preparations early.  Enjoy Hallowene and order early for Christmas

P.S Are you a good cook longing to share your skills with others ? Would you like to be part of  Country Markets and become a Cook of Country Markets? Check out this website  as well as for more information


Love British Food

Friday, September 6th, 2013

Make the most of visiting your nearest Country Market and celebrate Love British Food Fortnight September 21st to October 6th. This is an opportunity to taste genuinely home made British food .   Country Market cooks have a vast selection of innovative items  as well as the tradational cakes and bakes regularly available either at the local Country Market or through selected retailers. Althoughly justly proud of their baking, the Cooks of Country  Market also  have an abundance of locally grown just picked fruit and vegetables for sale. Many also use their own home grown vegetables and fruit to make jams and chutneys. There is no better way to celebrate the harvest and the best of British Food.

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